Your body is worth every jiggle

"My tummy bounces"

         "My thighs jiggle"

                 "My arms are flabby" 

My heart cries every time I hear a woman make such comments of self disgust.

Because I feel for her.

I feel the inner battle and self hatred that goes on.

The voice that constantly tells you that your body is not worth exercising for...
... because your body isn't the same "trimmed" or "toned" body you see on magazines.

Since when did exercising, moving your body in space, become a privilege for the thin or toned bodies?

Movement is joy and every body has the right to enjoy moving around.

Whether that be walking, running, swimming, dancing, cart-wheeling, bunny-hopping, hula-hooping, stretching,

you are allowed to jiggle

and you are allowed to have fun no matter what your body size or shape may be.

So I've heard that UK's campaign "I jiggle, therefore I am" is about to launch in Australia.

I'm very excited :)