Recipe Pick-Up: Granola for breakfast, anyone? Plus a FREE EVENT offer!

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I was gifted a delicious home-made granola from a lovely friend of mine.
They were so tasty that it got me in to a bit of a granola craze.
So I decided to make my own too!

Looking through my pantry I've got nuts, dried fruits, oats and honey.

Now, a problem...

Pretty much all recipes on Google tells me to use coconut oil.
Unfortunately I don't stock coconut oil.
I don't like hype and ever since supermarkets and health food stores started to raise the price of coconut oil seeing how 'trendy' they were, I haven't bought a jar.

But the mighty Google has everything including coconut oil free granola recipes.
So here we go.

Oil-free Granola
You only need dried fruits, nuts, and oats.

And hey, there's even an inspirational 9 Ways With Granola page if you end up making too much and you want some variety!

Breakfast is a meal to break the overnight fast.
I don't believe that everyone MUST have breakfast.
But if you want to eat breakfast and not make it a chore, make it so that it becomes something you look forward to.
For some, this might be enjoying a homemade granola instead of a dry cereal out of packet.
And if you're a toast kinda person that's totally cool too!

Happy eating :)

Dates for your Diary

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