Recipe Pick-Up: Chili for National Chili Day

So apparently the fourth Thursday of February is National Chili Day.
In America. Not Australia.

But hey, it's still fun to know these random food days because it gives a theme for cooking!

I've always thought Chili used mince but the traditional recipe calls for chucks for stewing.
I guess mince became more popular as it is convenient and time-saving.
If you're adventurous to experiment the authentic chili using four different types of chili then I assure you it is very worth it.
If you're a spice-lover then try the Habanero Chili recipe. I am not going to be responsible for whatever pain you experience.
For the vegetarians, chili is still a great hearty meal as it's loaded with beans - "who needs beef when I've got my beans?"

I just love Chili Con Carne because it pairs well with anything - on bread, rice, potatoes - and leftovers be frozen to help you on those some busy I-don't-want-to-cook days.

Authentic Texas Chili

Habanero Chili
Habanero Chili by Ashley of

Vegetarian Chili

Happy Eating :)