Recipe Pick-Up: Blistered cherry tomatoes and Mango salad

Recipe Pick Up of the week are a blistered cherry tomato pasta and an Asian inspired mango rice salad.

Cooking can be exhausting in times like this so I've selected two summer friendly recipes that may help you survive this extreme heat!

Cherry tomato and basil angel hair pasta
Juicy cherry tomatoes are even tastier when blistered! 
If you're active swimming, running, dancing, or playing sports, then pasta is your best friend.
That's because pasta is made from semolina flour and is a low GI (slow energy releasing) food that can sustain you well throughout the activity.

Mango Rice Salad
Mango rice salad
This salad is a limited Summer edition so you better try it soon while the mangoes are still in season.
Swap jasmine rice to Basmati rice for lower GI, or to Black / Red/ Brown rice for extra whole-grain fibre to tackle cholesterol.

Enjoy :)

Cherry tomatoes (250g pack) are $2.50 at Coles and Mangoes are 2 for $5 at Woolworths this week from 18 Jan - 24 Jan 2017.
I love buying my fruits and veg at the farmers markets and local fruit/veg shops, but make use of supermarket specials especially if you're busy and need to save shopping time!


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