"Another study criticises artificial sweeteners impact on obesity"

Do you prefer sugar or artificial sweeteners?

That's a question I often get asked from my clients.

With society's growing fear towards sugar and its health risks, I can see how people are eager to find ways to reduce their consumption.

But switching to artificial sweeteners is not something I recommend.


Because that puts all the blame on sugar and it can trick you in thinking that all your health and life problems are caused by sugar. 

Remember, no single food will cure or cause a disease.
No single food will cause weight gain or weight loss.

If you think you crave sweet and sugary stuff far more than you should, then you want to find out whether you are really hungry for something sweet, or you are actually craving for something else such as love, joy, fulfillment, or self care. 

Substituting artificial sweetener for sugar will not help you do this and is more likely to lead you to think:
"I've cut down sugar so all my problems should solve".

So if you're considering switching to artificial sweeteners to cut down your sugar consumption, then consider these strategies and questions instead:

  1. See if you're overall eating covers the 5 essential food groups. If you're not sure of the food groups, visit here. May be you can try eating from all these food groups and you may not feel the need to get a sugar fix.
  2. Are there specific situations that you crave sugary sweets? What emotions are live when your craving hits? Are these emotions curable with sugar? (Hint: In most cases the answer is no). 

...Below is the report that tickled my thought...

9th Jan 2017
Researchers at the Imperial College London have criticised the switch from sugar beverages to artificially sweetened beverages....
... The researchers said with increasing action being taken to reduce the world’s intake of sugar-sweetened beverages, such as the introduction of and lobby for a ‘sugar tax’ in some countries, beverage companies are turning to artificial sweetened beverages as a profit source.
“Despite the move the researchers said “the available evidence does not directly support a role of ASBs in inducing weight gain or metabolic abnormalities but also does not consistently demonstrate that ASBs are effective for weight loss or preventing metabolic abnormalities.”...
To read the full report go here.
Image credit: The Sun UK