Lung Health Awareness Month - Shop Savvy 9 November 2016

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Did you know that every day we breathe about 22,000 times?
Breathing is fundamental to life, yet we rarely put much focus on the vital organs that allow us to breathe - the lungs.

Lung Foundation Australia runs the national Lung Health Awareness Month in November each year.
It's a month to increase people's understanding of various lung conditions.
Healthy lungs are vital for healthy living and so let's do our best to take good care of them.

Studies have shown that people who have chronic lung conditions use 25% to 50% more energy than healthypeople due to the increased work of breathingand fighting chest infections. (Lung Foundation Australia)

To ensure you get adequate energy and essential nutrients for your lungs, eat a variety of foods from the following food groups:
Vegetable and Legumes
Anything in season. Go for colours.
Whole grains
Go for brown rice, barley, quinoa, oats, wholemeal pasta, and wholemeal bread.
Anything in season. Go for colours and eat the skin too when possible.
Meat, poultry, fish, egg, legumes, nuts and seeds
Enjoy legumes, nuts and seeds too, instead of skewing towards steak.
Dairy and their alternatives
Opt for those with less saturated fat.

Here are some inspirational recipes you can try to put healthy eating into practice.
I've chosen specifically recipes that use ingredients that are on special on major supermarkets this week from 9-15 November 2016.

Lettuce, Avocado, and Mango Salad
Lettuce, avocado and mango salad
Celebrate the mango season with this super quick salad.

Brown Rice Salmon Patties
Brown rice and salmon patties
A great finger food for parties and after-school snacks. They freeze well too.

Tofu, Walnut, and Asparagus Stir Fry
Tofu, walnut & asparagus stir-fry
Be adventurous and try more legumes like tofu.

Wholemeal Pasta with Silverbeet and Walnuts
Wholemeal pasta with silverbeet and walnuts
A really filling wholesome meal. Silverbeet's on special this week, but for other times you can use whatever greens you have handy.

And here are the supermarket specials (9-15 November 2016) covering the five food groups:
Australian Asparagus $1.20/bunch
Australian Continental Cucumber $1 each.
Australian Mushrooms 200g punnet $2.50 each.
Austrlaian Blueberries 125g punnet 2 for $5
Australian Magoes s for $5
Australian White Peaches $6.90/kg
Australian Walnut Kernels 500g pack $9 each.
John West Tuna 95g $1 each.
Edgell Australian Chickpeas can 87c each.
SunRice Microwave Brown Rice 240-250g 3 for $6.

Australian Silverbeet $2.50/bunch
Australian Baby Broccoli $2/bunch
Australian Mushrooms 500g pack $5 each.
Australian Lettuce $1.50 each.
Australian Perino Tomatoes 200g pack 2 for $6.
Australian Nectarines $6.90/kg.
Kraft Natural Peanut Butter 325g $3.50 each.
Vitasoy Protein Plus Unsweetend Soy Long Life Milk 1L $2 each.
John West Salmon Tempters 95g 2 for $3.
Jalna Yoghurt 1kg $5 each.

Happy eating :)


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