Trick or Treat? It's Halloween! - Shop Savvy 26 October 2016

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It's pumpkin crazy all around town with Halloween approaching.
I think this is a great opportunity to continue the "add more veggies" challenge from the National Nutrition Week! (pumpkin = vegetable, right?)

Halloween falls on a Monday this year.
So maybe there'll be a pre-Halloween party over the weekend?
A quick Halloween-inspired family breakfast or dinner on Monday?
Or are grown-ups too occupied with the Melbourne Cup that's on November 1?

Whatever you're doing for the spooky night (and/or the race), it'll surely be fun to try some of these ghostly recipes!

Frankenstein Smoothie Bowl
Frankenstein Smoothie Bowl (healthier halloween snacks for kids) Spinach, banana  and mango blended together and topped with blueberries
Spinach, banana, mango and blueberries.
I'm not a huge smoothie fun, but this one looks too good not to try!

Cauldron Dip

Acorn squash (or any pumpkin), edamame, ricotta cheese, and pesto.

Pumpkin Oranges Granita
Finally the weather is warming up, so a refreshing granita like this will make a great dessert :)

And the very common question... "What do I do with left-over pumpkin?"
Make pumpkin butter. This pumpkin butter is yum on toast, swirled in to baked goods, or even added in to smoothies.
homemade pumpkin butter-5101

Here are some of the supermarket specials on from 26 October - 1 November 2016.
Australian Halloween Pumpkin $2.60/kg
Australian Asparagus $1/bunch
Australian Tomatoes $4/kg
Australian Apples $2.70/kg
Australian Blueberries 2for $5
Australian Valencia Oranges 3kg pack $4.50 each.

Kensington Pride Mangoes $3 each
Australian Mushrooms 375g pack $4.50 each.