Better than Junk Food - Shop Savvy 21 September 2016

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It's the last week of Term 3.
If you have kids then you're probably thinking how to tame the hungry caterpillars at home.

Sleep overs. Camps. Road trips. Family get together. Studying for the HSC...
Whatever activities are planned, school holiday's a great time to encourage positive eating habits in kids as you've got more time to talk and experiment.

So many parents come to me saying "I want to stop my son/daughter from having so much junk food!"
My first response to that is "have you asked your son/daughter why he/she likes that junk food so much?"

Often kids get hooked on junk foods because they're "tasty", easy-to-eat (e.g. finger-foods), and "cool" (thanks to the ads and celebrity endorsements).

Your kids will steer away from junk foods and prefer home-cooked meals if they tick those boxes: tasty, easy, and cool.

So let's have a look at some inspirations!

DIY Pizza

Make pizza from scratch! It takes some time but it's lots of fun kneading and shaping. Plus it's a great opportunity for learning food chemistry as the dough rises.
Silverbeet, broccolini and mozzarella pizza
Coles has silverbeet ($2.50/bunch) and Woolworths has broccolini (2 for $4) on sale this week.
Or try different coloured tomatoes - Australian Medley Mix Tomatoes $4.50/pack at Woolworths.

Chicken Nuggets
We've all had it once in our lifetime.
Now, instead of going to Maccas, we can make them at home.

Sushi making is a lot of fun for kids. I mean, how cool is it becoming a sushi chef?!

Toasties are for kids. Jaffles are for grown-ups.
Add in sliced veggies for volume!
Mushrooms (500g) are $5/pack at Coles.
Add in juicy tomatoes too for a burst of flavour - Sweet Solanato Tomatoes (200g) $3/pack at Woolworths.

Happy eating! :)