Healthy Bones Action Week II - Shop Savvy 3 August 2016

Have you started enjoying some bone-friendly recipes from last week?
Because we're officially in the midst of Healthy Bones Action Week!

To read more about this bone-health week visit our previous blog.
Calcium and vitamin D are two of the most important nutrients when it comes to bone health.
You can get plenty of calcium from dairy as well as dark leafy greens, almonds, tofu, seaweed, and tahini.
Vitamin D aren't in many foods, but fish (e.g. salmon) and eggs are a good source.
Also don't forget the special fungi (= mushrooms). They can generate vitamin D when exposed to sunlight!

If you're looking to really take care of your bones, then exercise (especially weight bearing) will be beneficial. Actually, adequate weight bearing is essential to build and maintain strong bones.
Our friend Alan has given us tips on how to make time to exercise.
Read Alan's tips here: How to make time to exercise (by Alan, PT)

This week we're continuing with bone-friendly recipes.
They're all easy and delicious so will sure become one of your favourites :)

Don't forget to check out some good value specials at major supermarkets at the bottom of this page.
They'll help you save some money too!

Kalettes Stir Fry

Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese
Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese

Fennel Gratin
Fennel Gratin

Yoghurt Berry Parfait
Yogurt-Berry Parfait

Specials at Coles and Woolworths 3-9 August 2016:

Australian Fennel $1.50 each
Australian Kalettes 160g pack $2 each.
Australian Baby Broccoli bunch $2 each.
Australian Mushrooms 200g pack $2.50 each.
Aussie Blueberries 125g punnet $4.50 each.
Jalna Yoghurt 1kg $5 each.
The Complete Dairy Milk 1L $2.50 each.
(This company's milk is higher in protein than regular milk. It's a useful swap from regular milk if you're aiming to build more muscle mass without having to spend a lot on protein supplements!)

Aussie Strawberries 250g punnet 2 for $5
Australian Sweet Potatoes $1.90/kg
Mainland Cheese Block 1kg $9.50 each.


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