End of Winter Recipes - Shop Savvy 24 August 2016

We're in the final week of August, meaning that Spring is just around the corner!
But the wind is chilly and the flu's going around.
Let's get some heart- and tummy-warming recipes to beat the cold!

Coles and Woolworths both have greens on special this week - Silverbeet and Zucchini.
Greens add a beautiful vibe to any dish, making the meal not just nutritious but also aesthetically appealing too.
So here are some vibrant recipes filled with colours, just right for the end of Winter.

Broad Bean and Silverbeet Soup
Broad bean and silverbeet soup

Salmon Durby Curry
Salmon durban curry

Zucchini Bake
Zucchini and squash bake

Chicken and Silverbeet Barley Risotto
Lower-GI chicken and silverbeet barley risotto

Fruit Salad with Honey Yoghut
Fruit salad with honey yoghurt

The specials for this week (24 Aug - 30 Aug) are:
[Note: () refers to the recipe above]

Australian Mushrooms 200g $2.50/pack (soup; risotto; curry)
Australian Silverbeet $2.50/bunch (soup; risotto)
Australian Green Nashi Pears $4/kg (fruit salad)
Australian Minneola Tangelos $2.80/kg (fruit salad)

Australian Zucchini $2.50/kg (zucchini bake)
Australian Mushrooms 375g pack $4.50 each (soup; risotto; curry)
Australian Blueberries $3.40/kg (fruit salad)
Australian Mandarins $2.80/kg (fruit salad)
NSW Brushed Potatoes 2kg bag $3 each (zucchini bake; soup; curry)
Fresh Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon Fillet (skin on) $27/kg (curry)
Chobani Yoghurt Pots 170g $1.12 each (fruit salad)
Chobani Greek Yoghurt 907g $5 each (fruit salad)

Happy eating :)