Eat like an Olympian - Shop Savvy 17 August 2016

So far in the Olympic our Aussie athletes have won 24 medals!
7 Gold, 8 Silver, and 9 Bronze.
Go Aussies!

So out of interest, what do Olympians eat to fuel their bodies?

Because fueling the body well is definitely one of the key factors most athletes consider.
Good fuel means better training and performance.

Herald Sun did an interview with Aussie athletes last month to find out what these super men and women eat.

Oats, toast, yoghurt and eggs seems to be the popular breakfast foods;
Salad and sandwich or wrap for lunch;
Simple veggies and fish or steak with potato, pasta, or rice for dinner.
Fruits, nuts, muesli bars, smoothies and protein shakes appear often as pre- and post training snacks.
And plenty of water throughout the day!

The nutrition requirements and food timing varies greatly depending on what type of sports you play.
Endurance sports such as marathon will benefit from good carbohydrate intake (and pre-loading).
Not only that, but sports which require extensive concentration, such as shooting, can benefit from good carbohydrate intake due to its cognitive enhancing effects.
Beetroot juice has become too popular nowadays due to its performance enhancing effects.
Some research also report that pro- and pre-biotics may help athletes due to its immunity boosting effects. Note that very large amount of exercise can actually have a negative effect on immunity, so improve the immune power is crucial for athletes.

But whatever sports you play, the one thing that you will definitely benefit from, is to PLAN meals according to your training and everyday life schedule.

So this week I have some recipes to share to fuel your sports and activity like an Olympian!

Apple and Sultana Porridge
Apple & sultana porridge

Kale Skillet Omelette
kale omelette

Jamie's Sticky Asian-Style Salmon
Jamie's Sticky Asian-Style Salmon

Beet and Berry Smoothie
Beet & Berry Smoothie

Olympic Rings Fruit Platter

And the supermarket specials (17-23 August 2016) to make the above recipes:

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Australian Beetroot bunch $3 each.
Australian Baby Broccoli bunch $2 each.

Happy eating :)