Celebrate the Olympic with Brazilian Recipes! - Shop Savvy 10 August 2016

How are you enjoying the Rio Olympic?

As creative as I am, I thought now is a great time to support and celebrate the Olympic with enjoying some Brazilian food.

So let's get this world-wide sports carnival spirit going with some delicious carnival foods!

Brazilian Shrimp in a Pumpkin

Moqueca (Fish Stew) with salmon and sweet potatoes
The traditional Moqueca calls for salted cod and yam..
This one uses the more readily available (in Australia) salmon and sweet potato instead

Feijoada (Black Bean Stew)
A bowl of Brazilian Black Bean and Sweet Potato Stew | www.foodiewithfamily.com

Beetroot and Turnip Salad
Picadinho 2 com site

Supermarket Specials for the week 10 - 16 August 2016:

Kent pumpkin $1.30/kg
Australian Turnips or Swedes $3.50/kg
Australian Beetroot $2/kg
Australian radish bunch $2.50 each.
Chobani yoghurt 907g $5 each.
Annalisa Beans or Tomatoes 400g can 2 for $2

Australian Pumpkin $1.30/kg
Australian Sweet Potatoes $1.90/kg
Annalise Seeds Beans or Tomatoes 400g can $1 each.
Jalna Yoghurt Greek Style or Premium 1kg $5 each.
Fresh Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon Fillets Skin-On $26/kg
Large Australian Green Banana Prawns $18/kg

Happy eating :)