Australian Brain Cancer Action Week - Shop Savvy 04 May 2016

Can you believe it's May already?
We're nearly half way through 2016.

May is a health-conscious month with many awareness-raising events going ahead.
This week (1st - 7th May) is Australian Brain Cancer Action Week.
There's nothing more heart-breaking than seeing loved ones fight through the treatment process and the psychological stress of the disease.

What if we can make small changes in our lives to prevent such dreadful disease?

Diet isn't "the only" answer, but we know several important factors when it comes to cancer prevention, for example:

  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables - go for seasonal ones as they're often the most nutrient-dense and economically available.
  • Swap refined grains to whole grains. For example, white bread to wholemeal; white rice to brown rice; plain pasta to wholemeal pasta; peeled potato to potato or sweet potato with skin-on.
  • Go easy with red meat (beef, pork, lamb), especially the processed varieties (e.g. ham, bacon, sausages).
  • Enjoy legumes, nuts and seeds, the mighty plant proteins, instead of those red or processed meats.
  • Keep highly processed sweets and snacks to occasional - cakes, biscuits, chips, alcohol, soft drink, donuts etc.

Some mourn that our environment is filled with "junk foods" and making healthy choices are difficult. Or that "health foods" are too expensive.
Not really if you can plan well, shop savvy, and get the most out of your buck.

What's in season, or on special, at supermarkets this week?
Australian Imperial Mandarins $2.40/kg
Australian Royal Gala Apples $2.50/kg
NSW Walnut Kernels 500g $9 each
Annalisa Seed Beans 400g $1 each
(e.g. chickpeas, lentils, bean mixes, kidney beans... no cooking required so you can add them straight to soups, stir fries, and salads)

Australian Red Onions 1kg bag $2 each
Australian Kent Pumpkin $1/kg
McKenzie's Superblend Mixes 350g $4.30 each
(blend of pulses and grains - perfect in soups or stews!)

And what can you do with these produce and products to get you through the week?
Here are some ideas...
How about making mum a warming oatmeal for breakfast-in-bed for Mothers' Day?
Lunch and/or Dinner
(you can substitute cashew with walnuts)
Creamy Cashew Pumpkin Pasta. If you have leftover pumpkin, make this recipe!
(these are delicious next day as well to take it as lunch for work or school)
Roast pumpkin with red onion

And finally, if you're interested to know more about brain cancer and tumour, Cancer Council is holding a public forum on Friday the 6th of May 10am-3pm at Wesley Conference Centre on Pitt Street Sydney. See here for details.