Shop Savvy - 13 April 2016

Oh how quickly does the weather cool down?
I'm surprised how cold some mornings are these days.

Such cool weather calls for something warm and hearty.
Like porridge for breakfast and soup for dinner.
Well it's the perfect time to start getting back to the Autumn/Winter comfort foods as Woolworths have Oats and Coles have Stock on sale this week!

Here are recipes you may want to try using some of the supermarket specials:
Mandarin Green Tea Oatmeal with Sesame Seeds

Well what a creative twist to ordinary oatmeal! Oats are great low GI (slow sugar releasing) food, which means they're beneficial for blood sugar management. This means they're great foods for people with diabetes, insulin resistance, or anyone who's at risk of either.
Give it a go while mandarin's in season!

Rustic Cabbage, Potato & White Bean Soup
Soup is a great way to pack in health-promoting veggies, beans, and whole grains. All these have anti-inflammatory, cancer- and other chronic disease-fighting properties. So pack in veggies and beans where-ever you can, and choose whole grains over refined grains for a healthy change.

Cook's note: You can use any veggies and beans you like in this soup!

Uncle Tobys Ancient Grains 700g or Steel Cut Oats 800g $4.50 each
NEW Uncle Tobys Ancient Grains 700g or Steel Cut Oats 800g

Australian Imperial Mandarins $3.40/kg
Australian Imperial Mandarins

Campbell's Real Stock (salt reduced options are healthier) 1L $1.99 each

Australian Drumhead Cabbage $2.50 each

Edgell Red Kidney Beans 420g $1.00 each