Get Kids Cooking this Holiday - Shop Savvy - 06 April 2016

School holiday is about to start.
What have you got planned for the two weeks?
Maybe you're still figuring out how to keep the kids busy.

School holiday is one of the best times to get kids in the kitchen to grow and nurture their curiosity.
Cooking involves chemistry (how do muffins rise?), agriculture (where did the ingredients come from - the farm? the sea?), mathematics (if I need to divide this pizza with the whole family how many slices do I get?), English (read the recipe!), and cultural studies (do I even have to explain how multicultural Australia's food supply is?)
You don't get such a great learning package from anywhere else!
And guess what? It's a great family bonding experience too.

So let's get the kids cooking this holiday.
Don't be too fussy with the mess and mistakes as they are vital ingredients for fun and play!

Here are some recipe inspirations

Avocado Breakfast Pizzas
Avocado and oozy egg on crispy wholegrain tortilla. Mmm....! These pizzas will convert any kid into a brekkie lover!

Apple Race Cars
How cute and creative are these apple supercars? I think playing with food is a great learning experience as it taps in to all your senses with new touch, taste, and smell.
Image result for apple race cars

Baked Beans Muffins
If baked beans on toast is good, surely baked beans muffin will be too. Kids are more likely to enjoy easy-to-pick finger foods than those that require proper knife and folk skills.

Italian Tuna Balls
Is everyday lunch-making a dreadful chore? Then let the kids make their own next term! Get them to practice making these easy tuna balls during the holiday and your lunch-making will be a breeze next term. Put them in place of regular meat balls in spaghetti; use it in wraps; or top them on salads. They freeze well too.
Italian tuna balls

To help you out with shopping, here is a selection of some of the Specials on major supermarkets this week from 6th April 2016 - 12th April 2016.


Australian Royal Gala Apples $2.50/kg


Australian Shepard Avocado 2 for $5.
Sirena Tuna 95g $1.25 each.
Heinz Baked Beans 420g $1 each.

Happy cooking!


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