Hydration for Dancers, Athletes, and Office Workers

Have you ever thought of the fascinating journey that water takes in your body?

As a dietitian I'm constantly encouraging my clients to sip on fluid throughout the day.
This goes for everyone - from the fourty-five years old engineer working in front of the computer all day, to the eighteen years old professional-seeking dancer.

But "sipping water throughout the day" is often not a sexy enough topic to grab one's attention.
You tend to look for other "cool" strategies that can help improve your performance.

And as I was drafting this hydration article, a very good one came out on The New Daily:
"Why we should all be 'eating' more water"
Here Dr Tim Crowe talks about how eating more fruits and veggies can help with your hydration as they often naturally have high water content.

So, what's the number 1 fruit and vegetable with the highest water content?
They are....



CUCUMBER (vegetable)

Watermelon is 92% water, while cucumber is 96% water.
They both also contain healthful vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, as well as fibre if you eat the skins too. Yes, you can eat watermelon skin - try marinating thinly sliced watermelon skin in a mix of soy sauce, sesame oil, and vinegar, for a Chinese inspired side dish.

So if "sipping on water throughout the day" doesn't work well for you, try snacking on some watermelon or cucumber sticks for morning/afternoon teas!

(image courtesy: popsugar)

And what fascinating journey does fluid take in our body?
Well have a look at this amazing 3min video of fascia...

I was introduced to this fascia video by Lisa Howell (physiotherapist) at a dance teachers' training course I attended, and it was just amazing to see how the body responds to fluid (and movement)!

Hydration is VITAL for all bodily functions.
Without adequate fluid, many of the metabolic processes in the body will not work, or at least not efficiently at its optimum level.
So before trying different diets, try and be a little more mindful about hydration to help keep your body working at its best.