Easter Recipes AND Shop Savvy - 23 March 2016

Easter is just around the corner! I guess most of you will be busy the next couple of days stocking up on groceries to get ready for the many get-together's.

May be I can help you out by looking at what's on Special at supermarkets this week from 23 March - 29 March 2016.
Easter Egg Salad
Here is a list of Easter-inspired recipes you might want to try:
Easter Egg Salad
This is a must-try if you've got kids. Making the egg chics are so fun that many of the kids in the past who've made these have become more interested in cooking and helping at home!

Sweet Potato crusted Quiche
What a creative idea to use thin slices of sweet potato as a quiche crust! If you need to cater for gluten-free, or you'd just like to try a different quiche recipe, this one is for you.

Wholemeal Apple Hot Cross Buns
Why not bake your hot cross buns this year? It is a little time consuming but other than that it's not hard at all! There's nothing better on Easter than the smell of warm spices filling the rooms.

Yogurt French Toast
Yes, you can french-toast left over hot cross buns! This recipe uses yogurt which gives a very nice creamy texture.


Australian Fuji Apples $2.50/kg.
Australian Gold Sweet Potatoes $2.30/kg.
Jalna Greek Style or Premium Yogurt 1kg $5 each.


Sunbeam Australian Sultanas 375g or Currants 300g $3 each.
Colgate Sensitive Multi Protection Toothpaste 110g $4 each.
Don't forget to brush your teeth after all the sweeties over Easter :p



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