KidsCook - Happy Chia Pancakes

I love pancakes for breakfast on a weekend.
Sweet, fluffy, and a little messy drizzling the syrup but no dramas - it's the weekend :)
It's all about having fun.

So here I am today with my Chiaseed Happy Pancakes.
Soft and fluffy with a big smile to brighten up your day!

1/4 cup Almond meal
1/4 cup Wholemeal flour
1/4 tsp Baking soda / bicarb soda
1/2 tsp cornflour
2 tsp chiaseeds (whole)
1 Egg + Milk to make up to 1 cup
2 tsp Vinegar
1 Tb Honey
1 tsp Cocoa powder (keep it separate from the rest)

  1. Combine the dry ingredients (except for the cocoa) in a bowl - Almond meal, wholemeal flour, bicarb soda, cornflour and chiaseeds.
  2. Crack the egg in a measuring cup. Then add milk to make up to 1 cup. Add vinegar and honey and mix well (I used my baby Bamix).
  3. Transfer the liquid mixture in to the dry mix bowl and fold to just combine - do not mix.
  4. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes for the chiaseeds to absorb the moisture.
  5. Take 1 Tb of the mixture in to a separate bowl, add the cocoa powder and mix well.
  6. Heat a frying pan on medium low. Using a spoon, drop the cocoa powder mix on the pan to make the smiley face (see photo below). Wait one breathe, then gently drop 2-3Tb of the pancake mixture on top of the face. Flip the pancake when 5-6 bubbles form and pop.
  7. Repeat for the rest of the batch.
  8. Serve with honey, jam, peanut butter or whatever your heart tells you to do!
 "Drawing" a smiley face on the pan.

I had it with peanut butter and home-made strawberry chia jam.

My family had fun drawing extras (honey = nose).

The reason why I decided to make these chiaseed pancakes is because I have these CHIA SHOTS from THE CHIA CO.:

My freezer's currently packed with omega-3 thanks to the frozen fish fillets (I buy a whole fish at the Fish Market then portion them out and freeze each fillet).

Now my cupboard's also packed with omega-3 with these chia shots!
Did I mention I also have a 1kg bag of chia seeds in the cupboard?

I'll be trying lots of chiaseed recipes so stay tuned :)