"Kind" eating for yourself, because you're worth it

(image courtesy: www.childrenswishingwell.org)

Welcome 2015!

Have you set your new year's resolution?

How did you go with 2014's resolution in the first place?

This year, I'd like to suggest you be kind to yourself.

There were too many diets going around last year.

Yes it's true that eating more whole foods and colourful veggies do wonders to your health. But banning certain foods that are commonly said to be "naughty" isn't necessary for maintaining health and wellbeing.

SBS has written a great article. 
Why not have a read, allow yourself to step out from the very strict eatig regime that you've set for weight loss... and you'll find a great relief.

Healthy body starts with a healthy mind.

Key Nutrition Solutions is here to assist you reach your wellness goal so feel free to ask a question before making an appointment if you are unsure what a dietitian can do for you.

Wishing you a wonderful 2015 filled wih joy, love and great eating!