The Magic of Mushrooms

Our local supermarket has a special on this week for mushrooms.

So I thougt I'd share with you some magical facts.


The variety of mushrooms is endless.
From the common white, brown and flat, there's porcini used commonly in Italian dishes, to enoki, shiitake, shimeji and maitake used in Japanese dishes. You're probably familiar with the oyster and straw mushrooms used in Chinese cuisine too.

So what do you gain from mushrooms?

  1. Mushrooms are high in a special compound called lectins, which help protect you against cancer and viral diseases.
  2. Eating a cup of mushrooms can boost your immunity. The stalks contain immune function-boosting protein and, as a whole, mushrooms are high in immunity-enhancing beta glucans.
  3. Beta-glucans also play a role in fat metabolism.
  4. Packed full of antioxidants, mushrooms fight against numerous lifestyle diseases.

Did you know?
"Tanning" mushrooms under the sun can increase their vitamin D content.

Tan thy mushrooms, not your skin.

(Image courtesy: nutrition

(Note: if you have vitamin D deficiency then it is essential that you take the vitamin D supplement prescribed by your doctor)

Why not sauté some mushrooms for dinner tonight and nourish your body with wellness-promoting nutrients.