Happy Halloween!

(photo courtesy: wallpapersandimages.com)
Trick of Treat!

I used to love going Trick-or-Treat-ing with friends. Filling my pumpkin bucket with loads of colourful lollies was like entering the world of Nutcracker (Land of Sweets, you know?)

All for good fun, of course, but as a parent it could be a headache.
How on earth should we ration those lollies so our kids won't feast on them all at once?

Well, things will be much easier if the kids got some not-so-sugary nourishing little nibbles too.
What can we treat the kids to that's not loaded with sugar and is in line with the Halloween theme?


(photo courtesy: mercola.com)

You've got the pumpkin. So why not scoop out those seeds and roast them in the oven. 
10-15 minutes in the oven and you'll get some nice crunchy seeds loaded with supercharging nutrients.

Let me tell you what's in pumpkin seeds that makes them so nourishing:
  • Zinc - essential for the immune system; also important for men's health
  • Magnesium - for healthy nerves and muscle function
  • Protein - for repair and development of body cells
  • Phytosterols - lowers bad cholesterol in your blood, preventing heart attacks and strokes
Oh, the fibre in the seeds will fill you up too.
So let us all nibble on this yummy superfood before diving in to the bags of lollies - you'll be surprised you won't be wanting as much lollies after nourishing your body with the goodness from the pumpkin seeds!